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Terms & Conditions

Our Responsibility Although we strive to be on time all the time , we cannot be responsible for any loss suffered by the passengers due to any reason what so ever , such : traffic , breakdown , accident or for any other reason we are late either to pick up the passengers or get them to their destination on time . Our drivers are subcontractors and therefor responsible for their actions, under PCO regulations, we are responsible to make sure that they keep their documents up to date and their vehicle in a good condition. The company accepts no responsibility towards the drivers actions (under any circumstances ) whilst carrying passengers and that drivers are responsible for the safety and comfort of passengers , any liability arising from drivers actions, will be the sole responsibility of the driver .The company only accepts responsibility to make sure drivers documents are up to date and that they conform to PCO standard. quality of service provided by the drivers are entirely their responsibility .

The company is not responsible for services offered by other companies as listed on our 'links' page

“Account” means a Customer account which has been opened by Jaguar Express in respect of a particular Customer and which is identified by way of a confidential security number (the “Customer Account Number“) allocated to the Customer and under which Jaguar Express extends credit terms to the Customer enabling such Customer to pay on a periodic basis, based on statements of account provided by Jaguar Express (or as otherwise agreed under the Account agreement).

Account Bookings

  1. Prior to making any Account Booking, the Customer must first open an Account with Jaguar Express. The Customer must keep its dedicated and secret Customer Account Number confidential.

  2. When making any Account Booking, the Customer must quote its Customer Account Number. If the Customer fails to do so, we shall not be obliged to perform the Booking and may, at our discretion, treat the Booking as a Non-Account Booking.

  3. We shall be entitled to treat any Account Booking made quoting the confidential Customer Account Number as duly authorised by the Customer and the Customer shall be liable in respect of all Charges relating thereto.

  4. In consideration of performance of Services in relation to Account Bookings, the Customer shall pay the Charges, the priority fee and any applicable VAT (without set off or deduction), as invoiced by Jaguar Express, within 14 days (or such shorter period as we in our absolute discretion notify to you) of the date of an invoice (the “Due Date”).

  5. Payment shall be made by direct debit (which is Jaguar Express’s preference) or alternatively by cheque, telegraphic transfer or BACS to such bank account as we shall notify the Customer.

  6. We shall be entitled to charge a priority fee in relation to Account Bookings of up to 17.5% of the Charges unless otherwise agreed with the Customer.

  7. We shall invoice the Customer each month in respect of Services performed in relation to Account Bookings during the previous month or at such other intervals as may be agreed by the parties in writing. Each invoice will be accompanied by a statement detailing the Services invoiced.

  8. In the event of non-payment of any Charges by the Due Date, we shall be entitled to charge and the Customer shall pay interest at a rate of 8% per annum on any amount outstanding until payment is made, both before and after any judgement.

  9. We may, at any time, set a limit on the total credit given to any Customer at any one time and we shall not be obliged to perform Account Bookings once that limit has been reached. Any such limit shall be notified to the Customer in writing by us.

  10. Any dispute in respect of the Charges shall be submitted, in writing, within 14 days of receipt by the Customer of the relevant invoice.

  11. When an Account is terminated, by any means whatsoever, the Customer shall pay to us all outstanding Charges which are owed to us as at the date of termination.

  12. In respect of an Account Booking, Customer contracts with Jaguar Express for Services.

Non-Account Bookings

  1. In the case of Non-Account Bookings, we act as the disclosed agent of the Driver for the purpose of arranging and agreeing Non-Account Bookings between the Driver and the relevant Customer. This means that the Driver enters into a Contract as principal with the relevant Customer on, and subject to, these Terms.

  2. In consideration of the provision of Services in relation to Non-Account Bookings, the Customer must pay for the Services either directly to the Driver by way of cash or cheque, or by way of Card Payment, which will be processed by a third party payment processor on the Driver’s behalf. Where applicable, VAT (where chargeable depending on the individual VAT status of the Driver) may be added to such Charges.

Cancellations not informed up to 1 hours prior to time of booking may incur 100% of the booking price

All payments can be made in cash or credit card. In the case of credit card your card will be charged before or on the day of the journey. In the event of a cash booking you may pay the driver cash(GBP), but the card details will only serve to secure the booking, or may be charged for instances of a cancellation or ‘no show’. Passengers failing to pay their fare may be prosecuted by the driver or the company . If we pick up from a UK address the driver will wait up and till 30 minutes after the time the booking was made for. If we are unable to make contact with the passenger (ringing the door bell and calling the contact phone number) we will pull the driver away and the passenger will be responsible for the full cost. At the airport the driver will go in 30 minutes after international/intercontinental flights and 15 minutes after European flights (unless the passenger has specified otherwise) He will wait at the information desk in the arrivals terminal. The passenger has 40 minutes waiting time for free thereafter. If the driver fails to make contact the driver he will put a call out for the passenger. If the passenger fails to show 30 minutes thereafter we will pull the driver away and the passenger will be liable for the full .

Your Journey

Prices of journeys also depend on the size of the vehicle. The driver will have the right to refuse any passenger who has excess luggage, which would result in the car being unsafe while in transit. The passenger has to make sure that the correct sized vehicle is booked according to the guidelines set out and to notify us of any excess luggage. The driver will kindly assist you to load your luggage if you prefer, but is not responsible for any damages to passengers luggage. The company provides the passenger the option of additionally booking a baby seat, which will be £6 extra to the prices quoted. The passenger must please state the age of the child since we offer seats for children up to the age of 3 yrs old. Please keep in mind that babies/ children are regarded as passengers and therefore to book the vehicle size accordingly.

The clients are liable to pay for their fare either in cash , credit card , BACS or any other method of payment acceptable to the Company

Privacy and Security Policy

  • We collect information about you for 2 reasons: firstly to process your booking and secondly to provide you with the best possible service.
  • We will not send out marketing email to you in the future unless you have given us your consent.
  • We will give you the chance to refuse marketing email from us or another trader in the future.
  • The type of information we collect are: your name, address, phone number, email address and your credit/debit card details.We will not collect any other sensitive information without your explicit consent. The information we will collect about you will be secure.
  • Payments made on this site is via a secure server
  • The information we hold will be accurate and up to date. You may check the information we are holding by emailing us. If you find any inaccuracies we will delete or promptly correct it.
  • If we intend to transfer your information outside the EEA (European Economic Area) we will always obtain your consent first.

If you have any questions regarding privacy,please do not hesitate to contact us.


If the passenger has been waiting at the information desk of the airport and fails to make contact with the driver, the passenger should call the company so as to arrange how to meet. Passenger should not just leave the airport without letting the company know as this will be regarded as a ‘no show’. Illustrations, photographs and descriptions on the website, brochures, price lists or documents serves merely as a guide and will not be binding. The company reserves the right to make use of sub contractors to provide the service to the passengers. These sub contractors will be able to provide a high quality service and are solely responsible for their own conduct .

At all airports we include 30 minutes waiting time free after the flight has landed, and there after the charge will be 35p per minute.

If a pickup from is within London (residential address or business address), we allow up to 10 minutes waiting time from the which passenger has made the booking for and there after 25p per minute waiting time will apply.

This means our fears are based on direct trip with passenger being ready to travel at the time of booking and place as specified.

From post code cancellation not informed up to 3 hours prior to time of booking will incur 100% of the booking price.

If we pickup from any UK address the driver will wait up to 30 minutes after the time booking was made for, if we were unable to contact passenger (ringing the door bell and calling the contact phone number), we will pull the driver away and the passenger will be responsible for full cost.

No reservation is considers as accepted until confirmed by phone or email and passenger has been issued with the reference number.

All credit/debit cards subject to £5 charges.

Additional surcharge of 50% on the price listed on the site may be added on the following dates 24, 25, 26, 31 December as well as 1st of January.

There might be additional charges if the passenger has to make a stop during journey(minimum £5) or any other diversion on the way.

Refund Policy

Refund will be issued on the following grounds.

  • Booking on all credit/debit card notified 12 hours prior to the actual pick up time.
  • If the passenger missed the flight and informed us in advance either by phone or by email obtaining cancellation number.
  • All the cancellations are subject to minimum fee of £6.00.

No refund will be issued for following.

  • If the passenger books the PHV for wrong date/wrong flight number and other misleading information.
  • If the passenger leaves the airport or any other agreed pick up address without informing us for any what so ever.

Cancellation : Cancellation should be done 24 hours prior to your booking.

The above terms and condition apply to online booking only and will not have any bearing on bookings made in any other way.

Jaguar Express